Web Design Side Hustle – 1-Hour Workshop for Beginners

Learn how to build your own website using WordPress (properly) in just one hour. This beginner’s course is designed for those with no coding or design skills to help you build professional websites and generate a second income from it. We will cover topics such as domain registration, installation and setup of WordPress, and building your first website.

Purchase will be available January 2024


More about this Course

Welcome to the Web Designer Side Hustle Course!

If you’re someone looking to create a new income stream to gain more freedom in your life, this course can help you do just that. It’s a beginners course for anyone with no coding or design experience, but the ambition to learn and create something amazing.

Inside the course, you’ll learn why and how to build websites without any coding or design skills. With this knowledge, you’ll have the confidence to create a professional portfolio of work to show potential clients or employers. Or simply sell what you build as you go!

You’ll get to build a live website from start to finish, as you’ll become knowledgeable in web design workflows using WordPress.

Finally, the course will provide guidance on how to launch a web design business and make the most of your side hustle. You’ll learn how to market yourself and develop a client base, as well as how to set your rates.

This training is our primary beginners course. But it’s giving you a fast and direct starting point of setting up WordPress websites the proper way. This is also the primary course that comes along with the book “Web Designer Side Hustle” (Included).

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