Turn Beginner Skills Into Profit.
Master A Work-From-Anywhere Craft That Unlocks Unprecedented Freedom by building Websites.

Take charge of your career, raise your income, and create long-lasting freedom.
(Without any coding or design skills)

Stuck in a job or bad education and just want to have a good life?

It's not cool to be stuck in a 'system'. That could be your job, not being able to grow your income, not having the freedom to travel, and not having a job at all. Maybe you just want the freedom to work for yourself at a cozy café.

The reason I could quit my job (that I was sick of) many years ago was because I learned a few high-value skills that clients paid me for, without the need for education.

You can easily learn this skill by using your laptop.

I found that staying in a job I don’t like, with a salary that will never grow, is too limiting for my goals in life. That's when building websites became a lucrative craft that gave me the ultimate freedom.

Without any design skills or coding necessary, I even built myself up a good amount of passive income.

You can do the same. By using your laptop (even as a complete beginner)

- starting to build websites and getting paid for it is a job you can do from anywhere.

I‘m ready to work from Anywhere

Go from Beginner to Well-Paid Web Designer

Amanda Marochko

Amanda Marochko

Having been John's Partner Manager at Shopify, I can attest to the high quality of work he produces for his clients and how vital he has been to our growth, not only in Norway but in the rest of the Nordics as well.

As one of our first European partners, John has been one of the first people I turn to when validating decisions about his markets.

Tom Morkes

Tom Morkes

Besides working through our re-design process and user UI/UX, John has helped us built a sophisticated and flexible solution.

It has streamlined so many of our backend processes and simplified our work building sales pages and deploying content.

It's now 10x faster than a year ago. He is easy to communicate with, good at problem-solving, quick in solutions, and over-delivers on expectations.

Philippa Gillstrom

Philippa Gillstrom

I love John's eye for detail and the designs he creates from the outlines I give him. It gives me such pleasure every time I go to my summit websites.

It's not just The Look, however. It's the service. John has been easy to get hold of and is willing to do research and learn new tools to maximize the user experience and leverage my websites from a business perspective.

And he is great at finding integrations that make the back-end run smoothly and efficiently for me to update myself.

A white arrow, as you can see...

When you get clients like this they will be HAPPY to pay you

And you will have customers that vote for you and praise your work.  Which means they come back again and again. And they will refer even more work to you.

Now you have created a real income machine. This is also the beginning of monthly recurring income.

Monthly Membership

Are you ready to make a change and Start Your Journey to Freedom?

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Hey, I‘m John Mac

If I hadn't quit my job abruptly and skipped further education many years ago, I wouldn't be sitting in this coffee shop working today. I enjoy complete freedom in my life. I have a good passive income every month, and now I want to teach you how to do the same.

I come from Norway, but moved to Thailand a few years ago. Now, I live a nomadic life with my sweetheart, and I love building stuff online using my laptop.

I'm a mindset coach and work one-on-one with clients to shift, upgrade, and become conscious leaders of their own reality. I built this course website to help those seeking freedom to make a better living, learn smart ways of getting paid, and upgrade their quality of life.

Hope to see you inside.

John Mac
Video Training
All current and future released full video courses so you can learn faster and get paid quicker.
Skill Snippet quick lessons
Access to Skill Snippets. Short lessons to raise your skills (and value) for you to charge higher hourly rates.
All Resources Needed
A growing curated library of resources and links with all tools need so you can start quickly and save time.

What do you get when I start today?

The easiest way to learn is by watching on screen step-by-step tutorials. You can access to video lessons, a library of short lessons, and all resources necessary. You also get access to our closed Telegram group for members only. 
I‘m ready to work from Anywhere

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What prior knowledge do I need before starting this course?

None! You‘ll find courses is designed for complete beginners. All you need is a willingness to learn and a basic understanding of using a computer and the internet.

How long does the course take to complete?

All courses is self-paced. Some courses will last a few hours, others just 30 min. You will also find "Skill Snippet", which can last from a few minutes up to one hour. It all depends on what you choose to learn.

Do I need any special software?

No, you don't need any apps, software or systems. You only need your web browser like Safari on Mac, or Chrome on Windows. For the early access to the community, you will need the free Telegram app.

Will I be able to build my own website by the end of this course?

As a beginner, depending on what course you select, you will certainly learn to build your own website using WordPress. 

Can I cancel any time?

Sure. You're free to leave whenever you want. We don't want to hold on to members that are not interested. You're only charged month-to-month. There are no refunds for charges that was already incurred. 

Is there a community or network I can join through this course?

You will get access to our Telegram Group for members only.