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Frequently Asked Questions

What's included in the beginner course?

When you purchase, you get 1 full course called "1-Hour Workshop for beginners" + the full eBook "The Web Designer Side Hustle". Accesss to the course will be opened up in mind-January 2024. The eBook will be accessible at purchase.

Are your courses for beginners?

Yes, the 1-Hour Workshop is a beginner course for an effective but gentle start on learning Web Design. No previous experience needed. And certainly no coding or design skills.

Do I need any special software?

No, you don't need any apps, software or systems. You only need your web browser like Safari on Mac, or Chrome on Windows. Later, you probably want to get a professional WordPress page-builder like Bricks or Oxygen Builder.

Will I be able to build a website?

Yes, if you follow and actually complete the training you are given, you will be able to build the same as in the course. If you become a community member, you will of course learn more, and faster.

Will I learn how to get clients?

Yes, if you purchase the eBook or a beginners' course like the "1-Hour Workshop," where the eBook is included, you will receive suggestions on how to start acquiring clients. Additionally, this course platform will have its own course on how to find clients and secure more Web Design projects.

Can I learn to build my own website?

Of course. What you learn in our courses can be used for your own projects. Or to build something for others. The primary intention for our courses, though, is to teach you skills that get you paid.