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While traveling and working Anywhere.

Building websites and doing creative work online is a simple way to earn a better income. And it‘s easier than you think. Plus, you‘ll learn lucrative skills, have more freedom, and educate yourself.

Courses for Beginner Web Designers and Freelancers

A collection of courses and quick-win workshops designed to give you a fast start on making a solid income while building professional websites. Without any design or coding skills.

Practical and hands-on training with step-by-step video workshops

Pick a course or workshop. Copy the process and no-code workflow, and sell what you build to customers. Plus...

Decide your own salary

Learn professional workflows

Be independent and flexible

Build recurring income

Are you a beginner not knowing where to start? Begin here and go quicker to earning an income.
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The 1-Hour Workshop for Beginners

Get paid building websites (Professionally) as a total beginner

This one-hour video training is perfect for complete beginners who want to build a self-made salary, travel, and work from anywhere. You’ll learn my proven workflow and get access to the latest version of the book “Web Designer Side Hustle.”

Sell what you create and take the first step towards financial freedom.
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Web Design course for beginners

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