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Turn Beginner Skills Into Profit: Master a Work-From-Anywhere craft that unlocks unprecedented freedom by building Websites (With no coding or design skills)

Do you feel stuck in your freedom and wish you could just work from anywhere?

You don't need any prior education to take back your freedom with our collection of courses and mini-lessons. They are all designed to give you a quick start on earning a solid income from building professional websites, without any coding or design skills.

Step-by-step video lessons. Learn fast and watch your skills grow

Copy the process and no-code workflow, and sell what you build to customers.

Decide your own salary

Learn professional workflows

Be independent and flexible

Build recurring income

This is your starting point as a beginner.
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These beginners are now members who made a choice, learned a few skills, and have packed their bags.

Hear it directly from members and users that‘s been around for some time.
Starting out as a freelancer was confusing, but the tools and tips I've learned here have been amazing. I'm not only improving my design skills but also learning how to turn this into a sustainably profitable income. Thank you for making this possible!
As someone just diving into the world of web design, the transition was overwhelming—until I found your resources. The step-by-step approach to WordPress made it so manageable. I've gone from clueless to capable in just a few weeks, and it's ignited a new passion for web design!
Embarking on a journey to build a life where I have the freedom to work from anywhere seemed like a dream until I began following these courses. The insights into balancing freelance projects while traveling are invaluable. I have more freedom to live the lifestyle I've always desired, thanks to personal guideance I got.

Are you ready to make a change and start Your Journey to Freedom?

I‘m ready to work from Anywhere

Lifestyle Revolution - Unlock Your Path to Greater Freedom and Lifestyle Flexibility

With the educational system failing, it's up to you to take control of your life and educate yourself outside of the system. 
The "creator" economy is on the rise. For those who think for themselves, it's easier than ever to find the knowledge to establish a lifestyle where you earn your living, work from anywhere, and take care of body, mind, and soul.

Become a conscious, independent life-hacker who values freedom and flexibility.

Learn creative crafts, how to earn money online, explore better banking options, and develop a mindset of independence and freedom.

You have two options. Sign up for individual courses, or join a monthly membership and access all current and future courses. Plus, our library of Skill Snippets with short and effective lessons in a variety of topics.
Working on the beach with laptopWorking on the beach with laptopWorking on the beach with laptopWorking on the beach with laptopWorking on the beach with laptop
Get paid building websites

A Beginners Course - 1-Hour Workshop to build a website on WordPress.

Your Gateway to a Self-Sufficient Lifestyle
A start-point for those seeking lifestyle freedom, this one-hour video training empowers you to earn independently, with the flexibility to work from any location. You'll gain insights into a tried-and-tested workflow, and receive access to the latest edition of “Web Designer Side Hustle.” eBook. 

The 1-Hour Workshop step-by-step training will guide you through domain registration and how to set up a WordPress website. You'll learn the fundamental workflow and professional methods of building highly customizable web pages clients will pay you well for.

And you can sell what you build afterward.
Start the 1-Hour Workshop ($39)
Web Design course for beginners

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