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Helping clients register or transfer domains and hosting services.

Its a simple but valuable skill to be able to help customers registering or transferring domains over to a better service. In this Skill Snippet, you will learn how to use Spaceship to do so.
Helping clients register or transfer domains and hosting services.Helping clients register or transfer domains and hosting services.
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An important skill for you to have as a Web Designer is to assist your clients in registering or moving domains using quality services. In this Skill Snippet, you will learn about one such excellent service that you can use for all domain registrations, simple hosting, and email account setups.

You may want to help your customers and suggest a good service to register a new domain or to transfer an existing one.

Often, we need to help customers move away from poor domain registrar and hosting services. As a Web Designer, customers would typically ask you for recommendations.

That’s when you can confidently suggest for them.

You have a few options to assist them.

Take care of the registration for them.

You can gather the necessary information from your client and handle the domain registration for them. You would set up the account and manage the process. It can be a hassle at times because you have to get the login code sent to the client’s email (if you sign up using their email from the start).

But it’s a way to do it. When the setup of the domain, hosting, and perhaps the website is done, you would just send the login to the client.

Register using your own account

This is one thing I have done. I hold and host my clients’ domains on my own Spaceship account and charge a yearly fee for that, 4x the price of the domain cost. I can do this because the clients appreciate not having to deal with any technical stuff.

It’s overall easier for me to assist the clients as well since I always have access to my own account.

Register as an affiliate

The last option would be to register as an affiliate at, and send the user your new affiliate link so they can register and handle all the technical stuff themselves.