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From Figma design to Bricks full site build

In this short video I give you some insights and live demo on a project coming from a Figma design file. And how I move on to build this into a full website using Bricks Builder and Automatic CSS.
From Figma design to Bricks full site buildFrom Figma design to Bricks full site build
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If you can grasp what’s presented in this lesson snippet, your income as a Web Designer will likely increase rapidly. In this video, I’ll give you a behind-the-scenes look at a significant project I’m currently working on. (It may have launched by the time you watch this.)

It’s an online virtual event website for one of my regular clients, and this website is going to be custom-made for this event.

A professional designer hired for the project designed this website using Figma. Now, you’ll get to see how I’ve been working to transform this design into a fully ready-to-launch website.

I hope this provides you with some clarity and inspiration for taking on future projects like this, as they can be very lucrative.