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The Top Bricks Builder Add-Ons and Extensions for Building Advanced WordPress Websites

Level up your no-code website builds with these Bricks Builder extensions and raise client value your project quotes.
The Top Bricks Builder Add-Ons and Extensions for Building Advanced WordPress WebsitesThe Top Bricks Builder Add-Ons and Extensions for Building Advanced WordPress Websites
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If you are building websites using Bricks Builder, you can create flexible solutions and advanced WordPress sites. However, it could be beneficial for you to improve your knowledge about the best Bricks Builder add-ons and extensions to raise the bar for building more complex websites.

So, what are the best Bricks Builder add-ons?

In this Skill Snippet post, I will show you three of them. I’m using them myself for my own projects. These extensions are related to adding more features and functionality, not focused on design components or visual elements.

Bricks Forge

This is one of the well-known and top extensions for Bricks Builder. You can do A LOT with this plugin. Not only for building advanced WordPress websites, but it’s also an advanced plugin to customize the WordPress admin.

You can customize the Bricks Builder interface, work with animations, manage and organize CSS frameworks and global classes. Bricks Forge makes it easier to work with super-flexible forms, modals, and a long list of other builder elements to build advanced WordPress websites.

I think it’s also one of the best plugins to build custom WooCommerce sites. You can completely customize outgoing WordPress WooCommerce and system emails. Bricks Forge has its own email designer.


This is another team developing custom Bricks Builder elements and features. The reason I found them was because I was searching for “how to show and hide elements based on Wishlist Member levels” in Google.

BricksExtras has their own module that makes it easy to create membership sites using Bricks Builder, and then show and hide content based on what membership level the user has.


Bricksable is another essential addition to the Bricks Builder toolkit. This plugin offers a series of unique features that can help you take your website building to the next level. It is particularly known for its dynamic content capabilities, allowing you to pull data from different sources and display it on your site in a beautiful and interactive way.

Moreover, Bricksable provides an extensive library of pre-made templates and sections, which can significantly speed up your development process. It also offers advanced styling options, giving you the freedom to customize your site’s appearance to match your unique brand identity. With Bricksable, building complex WordPress websites becomes a breeze.

Level Up Your Skills and Value

So, try out one of these extensions. I would say, if you can, buy at least one of them. I would recommend Bricks Forge first. Adding Bricks extensions like this to your toolset makes it easier for you to build advanced no-code WordPress websites. Which means, you can charge higher prices.

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