The Web Designer Side Hustle (eBook only)

This book is the primary source of learning for beginner Web Designers. The Web Designers Side Hustle will give you a deep insight into why and how you can make a living building websites. It also dives into the mindset that will make you earn better and bring a good source of passive income.


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To learn a new craft that can become a part-time or full-time creative career is one of those brilliant ways to train your mind and educate yourself. Completely self-paced and all outside of our terrible educational system. Also, without society’s approval, special tests, or fancy certificates. You will be grading yourself from now on.

Have you been looking for a simpler way to teach yourself something that will jump-start your path to greater freedom and flexibility?
Then this short book will be a simple and excellent read to educate yourself. You’re the genius.

I will teach you about freedom in this easy-to-follow beginners guide, combined with the one-hour workshop video you should be getting if you purchased this book from my website.

I will show you how you can leave your house every morning with your head held high, breathing in the fresh air, and go to your favorite café in town to work on your laptop. A flexible craft that can bring in a nice salary without having a boss.

Here are the primary chapters and what you will learn in this book:

  • Getting you Started as a Web Designer
  • Sources of support and help to build your income
  • Register your domain and set up WordPress
  • Getting ready to get paid
  • Start looking for potential customers
  • How to price and charge for your work
  • Setting up your Project Management System
  • Gather the tools of the trade to be productive
  • Your best WordPress Plugins and Other Resources
  • Let’s Start Your First Project For a Client
  • Words of encouragement for new Web Designers
  • How to learn faster and get better paid

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