Web Designer Side Hustle - Course

Make A Living While Traveling.

(using only your laptop)
Start getting paid to make websites. Learn to grow your passive income, and design your life for freedom. Build a self-made salary, travel, and work from anywhere. Even as a complete beginner.
1-Hour Workshop
Full eBook
Start Building Your Site
1-Hour Workshop

Build your first website in one hour.

The professional way.

Copy my work flow in this one-hour video traning. Including my latest version of the book "Web Designer Side Hustle". Sell what you build when you‘re done

Learn to register your own domain name the right way

Learn the best ways to get your domain name and own it.

Build a website professionally using WordPress (And sell it)

Discover the proper way to build a website using WordPress.

Avoid beginner traps and build as a Web Designer would

You’ll learn the most fun, flexible, and proper way to design a professional site.

Copy and re-use what you learn to sell more websites

Quickly build more websites using a simple workflow method.

1-Hour Workshop
Full eBook
Start Building Your Site ($47)

Frequently asked questions

Do I need any coding/programming skills?

Nope! And you will find through the book that coding is absolutely not needed. We use a click-and-drag workflow as you will see in the 1-hour workshop.

Can I build websites without any design skills?

Absolutely. The way we build websites now does NOT need any design skills. The design have already been done for you.

Do I need any special software or apps to build websites?

No. You only need your computer and Internet browser. You will be recommended one “theme” for WordPress, which is optional.

What can I do with the website I build in the traning?

Sell it and make money! That‘s the purpose of the workshop. Or, keep the website for yourself. You own everything you build. (Including domain name)

This 1-Hour Workshop and the book "Web Designer Side Hustle" is for complete beginners. No coding or design skills is needed.

This bundle is a compressed starting point for those looking to create an extra income by building websites. Or wanting to build a new career working from anywhere.
The Author
John Mac is an online entrepreneur and mindset coach from Norway, working clients worldwide. He is a Web Designer and systems thinker, specialized in Oxygen Builder and Bricks Builder for WordPress. He is also a Shopify Expert and Partner.